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Powerful yet low cost web analytics software
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Tab Webstats

A powerful yet low cost web analysis and statistics package

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1. No technical knowledge required

Nothing for you to install on your server, no complicated setup process. All that needs to happen is for us to put a line of tracking code on your website, which we can happily do for you.

2. No cookies

Worried about having to implement a cookie policy? No problem - our code does not plant cookies on your visitors’ machines

3. Visitors location

We track location down to the town, and in many cases, right down to the street address! Our software allows you to instantly focus in on a website visit and bring up a Google map (for more details see the "who are my visitors" tab)

4. SEO and Social Media analysis

You can track which of your visits came from Search Engines and Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and (in many cases) report on the search terms used to reach your site

5. What, who and how

You can tell when your site was accessed on a mobile device, and what browser they were using. We also track visits by Search Engine "robots" (eg Googlebots). We can also filter out visits made by your company head office in the analysis.

6. Your visitor’s experience

You will be able to see through which page each visitor arrived at the site, and which subsequent pages they visited in order, seeing the amount of time they spent on each page

7. Analyse your site

Use our site analysis tool to help improve how your site ranks on search engines

8. Top-class personal help

You won’t be left on your own like many "set it up yourself" solutions, and you won’t have an anonymous help desk. You will have personal access to the IT professionals in charge of the software and the server.

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